Charlie Wiseman started at Edinburgh Festival with awards for theatre company that toured Dublin, Paris, London, Berlin. There he worked with the oldest, most celebrated Volksbuhne/ People's Stage, starting an Ensemble of street vulernable that toured worldwide. He wrote for the Guardian newspaper on culture while at the Berliner Ensemble he made contacts with Young Vic, and aided Heiner Muller, and translated correspondence for Edward Bond. Among awards was a Progress Prize from Berlin Academy of Arts. Charlie has also campaigned and rpotested against abuse of Refugees at Yarlswood Refugee Detention Centre, where guards often abused, blackmail or raped migrants. Gemini News Agency led to international journalism (including Aga Khan's third world news agency). He returned to work with Jude Kelly, Sue Emmas at Young Vic, Catherine Arton, of Be Heard film shown at Bafta which he assisted on, edited by Lucy V Hay. Also Bettina Jonic, who had a residency The Little Garden at Royal Albert Hall. There he worked, produced, introduced her songs and read from his own work, with Lucy Popescu at Brighton Fringe, with Irene Mensah award, as well as at West Yorkshire Playhouse, invited by Jude Kelly and invited to Windsor Festival/ further directing/writing at Battersea Arts/ Young Vic/ Riverside Studios on Jungle of Dreams, his own play about the longing at Berliner Ensemble for a great director, like Brecht to return..if only as a ghost. His work performed in Hyde Park has been compared to Sam Beckett by Greenpeace.

Also contributed to Players International, Guardian as editor of Uta Lemper diaries. (Positive reviews received and support from Bob Geldof, Bitter Mirror, Bettina's work was praised by Bob Dylan) He has supported many Amnesty International Campaigns and been written up by Greenpeace. He researched culturally for the Evening Standard, as well as winning Millenium Fellowship, for constant contributions to plight of the homeless, teaching acting, writing, theatre skills, short films on self-expression. He has distributed food to Grenfell affected, young offenders institutions, mentally vulnerable in community, numbering up to about million meals. At Brighton Fringe he also read from Popescu's Good Tourist, charting ethical questions about travel, 'Another Sky' and 'A Country to Call Home', all of which Michael Palin and others support. Link continues to Berlin homeless plays, with support from many Arts and lcoal Council grants, Wolf Biermann's closest Wally Schmitt and endowed by the Academy of Arts  Stories also published, winning top ranked on Shortbread Short Stories, also in NY and New England. Grassmarket work, applauded by Ewan McGregor as unique. Refugee protest to Calais, as well as Brighton and Edinburgh's Portobello Beach. Financed t also from Sabrina Guinness at YCTV, Ken Branagh "the work deserves every respect" and Susan Sarandon. 'Owltime' Reviewed by Edinburgh Festival: "ought to be part of the Offician Festival and taught on school syllabus",  and "privilege to be" with Brighton Fringe. Henrietta Garnett of Bloomsbury donated to campaigns for London work with Chelsea Theatre. Short film, Big Sister / Bafta performed short. Other work funded by Arts Council and supported by Susan Sarandon. Ken Campbell's assistant director on twenty-four hour by the same, 'The Warp' 2001.

Wiseman also enjoys writing as part of Wingelion Collective in USA, under Trudi Lee Richards direction, friend and biographer of Mario Luis Cobos. Further performance pieces Hyde Park, and Berlin World March attended by more visitors than all Edinburgh Festival performances.

Ongoing work with Chelsea Theatre with free space to rehearse plays,

Also teaches, ongoing mentoring YCTV and support from Henrietta Garnett, Kate Smurthwaite and Tim West OBE.

Noble Peace folk giving charity for free, at Heart Foundation and in community. Also Tony Robinson, Sylvia and Jon Swinden and Rafa de la Rubia for World Without Wars and World Marchers. The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons is a documentary Tony made about Nobel winner too, ICAN 2017 How can we wake London to take responsbility for nuclear?

Wiseman is also a Food Waste Hero work with Pret A Manger too.

Kew: volunteers can transcribe 19C seeds..plants online Tutorial

 Frost Giants,


Children of Ymir!

Your deeds echo down the ages,

In the poetry of the Skalds!

Rupert Ferguson

Rupert wears no om on his neck, swears at false prophets,

flows the Fleet River's fleeting nonsense

Away instead of damming flotsam and jetsam,

A gentle sage's rage.

Beware "enemy in unguarded thoughts about self."  Biases we contain may relate to our past. So we can change by not feeling 'bad' as this stops one dealing with past: living in the present, awareness of this moment in time allows one to forget, forgive and move forward. Social science and psychology are what we see of the past and so enable the present as we are meditative beings. Find the watergow Scots for rainbow we resting in sleep dreams delight in your head. how old are you? "I haven't counted the rings around my head, said a tree, Count them for me!"

Recent work supported by official Brighton Festival, 'a privilege' (Broadway Baby), and continued contact with Berlin, People's Stage. Big Issue support. Pret support us in feeding also, workshops with Grenfell affected; child and infant African Arabs forced to be migrants...mostly vegetarains. Over 1 000 meals/ month. Awarded Alexandra Kremakova provided music in Brighton/Edinburgh

  Fungariana Kew's amazing insights into fungi, zombie fungi and ants

In July, Morpheus Under Ground performed the preview of new play Little Sisters. The play addresses issues of displacement and homelessness through the eyes of two young women trapped within the confines of a reality TV show house. Audiences remarked on the dignity, grace and beauty of the characters in the play and the darker aspects resonated and drew comments such as "The more I think about this play the more scary some of the ideas become. The idea that you can be voted out onto the street by people you have never seen is a concept that is truly Orwellian"

Murals and Myths

Peter Jonas, winner of the 2013 London Peace Prize, contemplates the inner workings of society and its harmful influence on individuals, going back to his roots in Cape Town, where he was already helping street kids, by encouraging them to make murals in the ugly landscapes they had til then inhabited. His artistic work, since arriving in London continues to explore identity, as a half South African, with Dutch ancestors too. He has protested  as an individual with a foot in both camps. His work also explores how the mechanical world and that of nature collide, with memorable images of South African traditional dress, to his Gandhi portrait or Cliff Richard who autographed the work.   

Maps of the Body

As the eldest granddaughter of Sir Larry Olivier, artist, Isis Olivier, grew up with a sober view of celebrity. 'He was the same in life as when on film'. This attitude has helped her to develop, first as an aid worker in the Sudan, later as an artist who, as a feminist, has shaped her own platform and views.

Sir David Low

David Low creator of infamous Colonel Blimp is most keenly remembered as a plump bald-headed figure with a walrus moustache, decked out in a plethora of decorations from ancient wars,  spouting platitudinous and preposterous commentary on the politics of the day, such as: “Gad Sir, Churchill made an irrevocable decision to be guided by circumstances with a firm hand”.  Low insisted that his Blimp was genuine and that he had overheard him in a Turkish bath, dressed in the altogether, pronouncing that what Japan did was no concern of Britain’s.


Selected poetry

Children of Damascus, a poem by Rupert Ferguson,  written in response to the chemical attack on Ghouta

Art for Love's Sake

An excerpt Charlie Wiseman's autobiographical story of working, in theatre with disadvantaged. Wiseman has spent much of his life travelling the world working, first with on innovative projects, involving real people often from the street, to portray what is going on below the surface of society, later on his own intiative.

'Charlie's work for the Grassmarket Project enabled it to develop around Europe and further, first by being at the centre of the wheel when it involved People's Stage, Berlin. There he used his language skill to find a staggering £50,000 budget for the most enlightened play in their history, involving homeless from the streets where Liza Minelli's Cabaret is set.'Our work has run parallet, innovating and changing forms'  Jeremy Weller, Artistic Director  Grassmarket Project

London Peace Prize

This award was set up by Charles Wiseman in 2011 in response to the London riots.  As Charlie says he set up the award "to bring to people’s attention the individuals whose work is making changes in their community, whose work is about building neighbourliness, understanding and positive activities.  Positive action is the only way to heal and bring about “Peace”. 


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